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Scientific qualifications, education and certification

HAMP STATEMENT: The Hellenic Association of Medical Physicists, over the past 30 years, is closely monitoring the status of radiological diagnostic and therapeutic equipment all over the country, the QA/QC procedures applied to clinical practices as well as the development of its own members in terms of professional status and of education and training. One of the major problems is the staffing levels as far as Medical Physicists are concerned. The shortage of qualified MP experts in the current diagnostic and therapeutic radiological procedures is actually deteriorating the quality and safety of the health services provided and this has to be solved in the near future. Furthermore, the Greek government has to invest in new technologies for both diagnosis and treatment, which will improve the accessibility and availability in quality health services for all citizens and thus providing early and accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. This will benefit as well, in long term, the health economics of the country. Finally, steps have to be made concerning the compliance with the EU BSS and the IAEA/WHO recommendations concerning the professional status of Medical Physicists, the registration scheme and the CPD.

The enclosed file contains guidelines for Clinical Training Guidelines

clinical training guidelines 1

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