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The role of MP in non ionising radiation

Medical Physicist‘s role in non Ionising radiation procedures
The ionizing radiation (the radiation that is applied in diagnosis and treatment) has been the main object of professional, scientific research concerning Medical Physicists for decades.


Recently, non - ionizing radiation has affected the lives of citizens and as a result has played an active part in the role and responsibilities of Medical Physicists of which mobile, antennas, microwave ovens, wireless networks, transmission networks, distribution and power supply networks, power generators, therapeutic and diagnostic electromagnetic fields (hyperthemia, ultrasound mammography, rheography, micromanography, MRI etc.) are the main concern.


Medical Physicists are the only ones able to inform you about the proper and safe use of all these new technologies, the potential problems, to advise and to resolve all fears that concern the public caused by the uncontrolled and often unscientific information from irresponsible sources on the internet.

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