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HAMP - History

The Hellenic Association of Medical Physicists was established on 15/3/1969 under the name “Association of Radiation Physicists”. It was subsequently renamed as HAMP on 17/9/1981. In accordance with the last modification of the Association’s constitution on 20/5/1997, the Association has both scientific and professional orientation. The Association’s scope is:

  • To promote the application of Medical Physics and Radiation Protection in Education, hospitals, medical centres, medical laboratories, research laboratories, industry, transportation, and in all areas there is use of ionising radiation.
  • To improve the status of the Association’s members, protect and promote their professional interests, improve their working conditions and help recognise and secure their professional rights in Greece, the European Union and world-wide.
  • To develop relations with associations and organisations of similar interests, in Greece and abroad.

The Association has currently 400 members working in Greece and abroad.

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