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HAMP members can be Full, Emeritus, Honorary or Junior (in fact, “Junior members” are not specified in the Association’s constitution and are actually registered as corresponding members)

Only regular members have a voting right. All correspondence with the members is done through the Association’s mailing list.

HAMP keeps a register of all its members, in which contact details, year of registration and/or cancellation, membership fee status, professional employment and specialisation as well as points of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of every member are kept.

In order to become a regular member one must hold a professional license as a Hospital Physicist – Medical Radiation Physicist and/or as a Hospital Physicist in non ionising radiation area and apply to the Board of Directors. His/her application for registration must be approved and co-signed by two regular members.

In the application form, the applicant has to state that he/she accepts the Association’s constitution, respects the decisions of the General Assembly and holds the qualifications as stated in Article No 4 of the Association’s constitution.

Furthermore, the application should include the applicant’s contact details, professional employment and fields of specialisation. In addition, the applicant has to provide the HAMP with copy(ies) of his/her professional license(s).

After the acceptance of the application by the HAMP Board of Directors of HAMP, the applicant is referred to the cashier of the Association for the payment of both registration and annual subscription.

Following the decision of the Board of Directors, in 2010, the cost of the subscription is 6 Euro and the annual fee is 15 Euro. In addition, members who have not paid their subscriptions for more than two years, can subscribe again only with the cost of 36 Euro.

For Junior members, the cost of the subscription is set at 5 Euro.

Further details on the way of payment will be sent to the applicant by the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Association, after the acceptance of application.

The members have the following obligations:

  1. To fulfill their financial obligations, without negligence.
  2. To comply with the law and the Association's constitution, to obey the decisions of the General Assembly and Board of Directors and respect entirely their scientific and professional ethics rules, which have been approved by the General Assembly or have been included in the Association's constitution, in any manner.
  3. To attend the meetings of the General Assembly, and the meetings of the Board of Directors when they are asked to.


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