Tuesday, 14 August 2018 09:41

ESTRO Physics Workshop 2018

ESTRO will organize the 2ND ESTRO PHYSICS WORKSHOP - SCIENCE IN DEVELOPMENT on October 26-27 in Malaga Spain.

One of the tracks of this workshop is “Realtime and adaptive management of anatomical variations” (https://www.estro.org/congresses-meetings/articles/2-physics-workshop-real-time-adaptive-radiotherapy).
The chairs of this track (Marianne Aznar and Ben Heijmen) are inviting colleagues, or students to participate in this exciting event. There are possibilities for giving presentations on your research. You can also contribute by taking part in the discussions on the current status and future of real-time and adaptive radiotherapy.

Website: https://www.estro.org/congresses-meetings/items/2nd-estro-physics-workshop-science-in-development


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